DBI is a building investigation and dispute resolution consultancy that serves owners, builders, contractors, suppliers, and insurance and legal communities. With our technical expertise and extensive experience; combined with our state-of-the-art analytical and diagnostic testing capabilities; we can effectively identify, collect, and analyze data required to clearly understand and solve the most complex construction problems.

DBI specializes in engineering evaluations, building science and the investigation of building enclosures and building construction defects. Building enclosure expertise includes all types of exterior wall systems, including EIFS, stucco, masonry, adhered masonry veneer, GFRC, and siding systems; roofing systems; foundations; and window/fenestration systems. DBI investigates and identifies causal deficiencies attributed to design, construction, deferred maintenance, and/or owner operation that lead to problems of building related distress, water infiltration, mold and rot, and costly damages. DBI’s investigations are thorough and based on scientific methods that utilize document review, visual inspection, invasive openings, field testing, material property evaluations, and codes and standards assessments. When necessary, laboratory testing of construction elements is utilized. Testing, whether in the laboratory or the field, is performed under realistic and representative service conditions.