Building Investigations

  • Measuring Moisture ContentMeasuring Moisture Content
  • Defective Brick VeneerDefective Brick Veneer
  • Precast Concrete, SeattlePrecast Concrete, Seattle
  • Sprinkler Pipe Burst InvestigationSprinkler Pipe Burst Investigation
  • Window Leakage behind Exterior StuccoWindow Leakage behind Exterior Stucco
  • Moisture Content behind Adhered Stone VeneerMoisture Content behind Adhered Stone Veneer
  • Leakage through Single-Wythe MasonryLeakage through Single-Wythe Masonry
  • Single-Wythe MasonrySingle-Wythe Masonry
  • Masonry Flashing RepairsMasonry Flashing Repairs
  • Roof LeakageRoof Leakage

Daniel Building Investigations (DBI) investigates and identifies causal deficiencies attributed to design, construction, deferred maintenance, and/or owner operation that lead to problems of structural and building related distress, water intrusion, mold and rot, and costly damages. DBI’s investigations are thorough and based on scientific methods that utilize document review, visual inspection, invasive openings, field testing, material property evaluations, and codes and standards assessments.  When necessary, laboratory testing of construction elements is utilized.  Testing, whether in the laboratory or the field, is performed under realistic and representative service conditions.  DBI provides:

  • Professional investigations to identify defects in building design, construction, maintenance, management, or operation.
  • Use of the scientific method to plan, execute, and evaluate the investigation for the collection and preservation of evidence.
  • Field and Laboratory Testing to identify and evaluate defects and failure mechanisms.
  • Support of opinions using DBI’s extensive collection of codes, industry standards, technical publications, and literature.
  • Development of professional opinion reports clearly identifying defect cause and origin, resulting damages, and responsible parties based on facts in evidence.
  • An advanced understanding of the litigation and expert testimony process based on extensive experience.