Insurance Investigation Services

  • Mold Growth on underside of Roof SheathingMold Growth on underside of Roof Sheathing
  • Condensation and Mold Growth on Vinyl WindowCondensation and Mold Growth on Vinyl Window
  • Moisture Migration and Efflorescence on CMU Basement Foundation WallMoisture Migration and Efflorescence on CMU Basement Foundation Wall
  • Condensation and Mold Growth on Interior WallsCondensation and Mold Growth on Interior Walls
  • Water Leakage through Single-Withe Masonry WallWater Leakage through Single-Withe Masonry Wall
  • Window Leakage behind Exterior StuccoWindow Leakage behind Exterior Stucco

Daniel Building Investigations (DBI) provides technical support to the Insurance community for a multitude of claims ranging from small residential issues to large high-rise, commercial, or institutional construction defect related issues. We help insurance adjusters, third-party administrators, and counsel understand the true causes that have created the damages being claimed. Professional investigations are performed, and concise cause and origin opinion reports are issued, in a timely manner to help quickly resolve the insurance claims.

  • Professional investigations to identify defects in building design, construction, maintenance, management, or owner operation.
  • Development of professional opinion reports clearly identifying the cause and origin of the defect(s) and resulting damages based on facts in evidence.
  • Support of opinions using DBI’s extensive collection and knowledge of codes, industry standards, technical publications and literature.
  • Use of advanced building science skills and knowledge to evaluate heat, air, and moisture (and moisture vapor) transport in and out of the building enclosure to assess causation of mold, condensation, and deterioration of building components.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with roofing, masonry, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), exterior stucco systems, window and building fenestration systems, attic and building ventilation systems, and HVAC systems making us capable of helping to resolve the myriad of issues generating the building claim.